The Viotek GN35DA is an ultrawide-curved gaming monitor, which comes with a very affordable price tag, which makes it a lucrative pick for gamers seeking a budget curved monitor.

But still, as it’s not a mainstream brand, people are always in doubt about its performance. Thus, we have compiled this complete review, in which we have put our verdict on different aspects of this machine. So, you can know whether to get this monitor or not.

That being said, let’s jump right into the matter.

Viotek GN35DA Monitor

Viotek 144Hz GN32LD QHD 32 inch Curved Gaming Monitor
Screen Size35”
Panel TypeCurved VA Panel
Screen Resolution1440p
Refresh Rate144hz (can be turbo-boosted to 200hz)
Response Time1ms
Aspect Ratio21:9
Peak Brightness250-nits
Display Colors1.67m
Audio OutputNo
Tilt Adjustment-5° to 15°


This monitor comes with a striking design, that you would otherwise expect on the monitors that are otherwise 3X expensive than it. The first thing that you would notice about the design of this monitor is its huge display, it comes with a 35-inches curved display screen, which just isn’t curved but also ultrawide.

That means you have plenty of space on the screen side-by-side, and more importantly, as it’s a 1800R curvature, you are always in the center of the immersion. Apart from the curve, the overall design of the monitor is also phenomenal, it has very thin bezels, making it a nearly frameless monitor. That means, there is nothing to hinder your view of the screen.

The design of the stand is also very aggressive, with a heavy yet low-profile design. Just like the design, the stand has amazing functionality, as it supports tilting, swiveling, as well as height adjustment features, allowing you to adjust exactly the way you want it to be. Amazingly, the monitor is also VESA compatible. So, you can easily wall-mount it, or use any other VESA compatible stand, and you are good to go.

The backside of the monitor is also remarkable, with an excellent contrast of red, and black colors. There are curves on the backside of the monitor, which make this monitor look astonishing. Plus, all the ports are present at the bottom side of the monitor for easy and clutter-free connectivity.


Well, let me be honest with you, we did not expect the display on the monitor to be this good, and I personally think that Viotek has done a tremendous job in the display section, especially, when you look at the price tag of the monitor.

First of all, the display on the screen is ultrawide, which clearly provides more screen real estate, and eliminates the need for an additional monitor. On top of that, the screen is curved with 1800R curvature putting you in the center of the control.

The VA display panel can provide you with a 1440p resolution. The colors on the screen are striking with sharp, vivid, and provide a very close to really feel. Also, there is 96% sRGB for wide color options, which means this display is not short of colors. To be more precise, this panel can produce up to 16.7 million color variations.

The contrast ratio at 2000:1 is nearly double compared with the similarly-priced monitor available in the market, as a result, the whites on the screen are brighter, and the blacks are deep, which enhances the viewing experience.

However, we are a little disappointed with the brightness on the screen as this monitor provides 250 nits brightness which can be a problem. Moreover, the viewing angles on the screen are also great.

As it’s a gaming machine, it can provide a 144hz refresh rate, which can be turbo-boosted to 200hz. That combined with the 1ms response time, and dedicated gaming modes make this monitor a go-to choice for gamers seeking a superior performance gaming monitor under a tight budget.

The eye comfort mode and the blue-light filter on this monitor ensure you do not get eye strain while using this monitor for long period.


There are two HDMI ports (HDMI 2.0 + HDMI 1.4), and one Displayport 1.2 port. Additionally, there is one headphone 3.5mm output jack, which you can use for enjoying sound using the sound directly. There are no speakers on-board, so you would have to use external speakers, that you can also connect with the headphone output port on the monitor.


This monitor is specifically built for enhanced gaming performance. It comes with a 1440p ultrawide screen, which is perfect for getting wide angles, and perfect pixels on the screen.

The best part here is the refresh rate of the monitor, which is normally 144hz and can be turbo-boosted to 200hz, providing you with a smooth performance. Besides, it has a 1ms response time for super-quick latency.

There is also a dedicated gaming mode, and most importantly, the NVIDIA & AMD FreeSync compatibility, which is quite surprising, as this budget segment so often gets AMD FreeSync, and no NVIDIA support.

The FreeSync on this monitor ensures you get smooth performance on the machine without any screen shattering or tearing. In this way, you can enjoy your games better than ever.

  • Curved Screen
  • Ultrawide
  • Decent Resolution
  • Turbo-Boosted Refresh Rate
  • Excellent Latency
  • AMD FreeSync & G-Sync Comatible
  • No USB Ports
  • Not the Brightest Panel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Viotek GN35DA a Gaming Monitor?

Yes, the Viotek GN35DA is a gaming monitor which comes with a 1440p resolution, 144hz refresh rate (can be turbo-boosted to 200hz, 1ms response time, and adaptive FreeSync.

Is the Viotek GN35DA a Curved Monitor?

Yes, the Viotek GN35DA is a curved monitor, which offers 1800R curvature, providing you with an immersive viewing experience.

What is the Resolution on the Viotek GN35DA Monitor?

The maximum resolution on the Viotek GN35DA is 1440p, which on the 35-inches screen looks quite good.


The Viotek GN35DA is a perfect gaming monitor for people who are seeking a quality budget gaming monitor. There are a bunch of things that you would like about this monitor, as it comes with an ultrawide curved screen, decent resolution, turbo-boosted refresh rate, and FreeSync compatibility. 

Although it has a little low brightness, and no USB ports, still, these issues can be neglected considering the overall performance of the monitor.

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