Gaming has got up in everyone’s mind these days. Nowadays gaming is being viewed as a professional field and also it requires a considerable amount of skill. You just can’t be a pro once if you haven’t practiced gaming right from the stage when you were a novice. Gaming also requires a considerable amount of practice and patience and also skill at its par.

Pro gamers consider monitors to be the most important component of gaming and to substantiate their argument, it really is. This is because without a good display you can’t just expect a monitor to perform its best and serve you the desired visual experience that you want for your gaming experience.

This article talks about the features that a monitor used by gamers possess and also the size of monitors that pro gamers use.

What Monitor do Pro Gamers Use?

The first and the foremost quality that pro gamers see in their desirable monitor is the availability of a high frame rate. This is essential as it enables them to have a good refresh rate as well as a good amount of response rate for their monitor. 

The resolution of the monitor that they choose should be comparatively low as that of the frame rate. This is because the resolution of the monitor decides the color contrast, sharpness and brightness of the screen display. These components are very much essential when it comes to gaming and also are the most important factor for an excellent gaming experience.

What Size Monitors do Pro Gamers Use?

They generally prefer to have a 24-inch monitor. This is because they don’t prefer big screens as it restricts their head movements. The utility of 32-inch big monitors is very low when it comes to gaming. 

This screen size enables the monitors to have a high frame rate. A high frame rate is good as it supports a low resolution and at the same time it gives a considerable amount of accuracy to the gamer for the point to be noticed on the screen. 

Also 24-inch size monitors have a high refresh rate which is another important feature of the gaming monitors. 

The most important utility which Pro-gamers expect in their monitor, and is indeed satisfied by a 24-inch monitor is that it enables a less amount of head movement for the gamer. This indeed allows the gamers to have a considerable amount of concentration on the screen for having a good hand on the game and at the same time it is relaxing to the neck also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you watch TV on a gaming monitor?

Yes, you can definitely use a gaming monitor’s screen as a TV screen. This would actually provide you with an amazing visual experience.

What do all gamers need?

The essential things that gamers need are:

  • Monitors
  • Headsets
  • Keyboard
  • A target piston
  • Mouse


So, the understanding that comes out of the above points is that pro-gamers use a monitor that has a high refresh rate, a low resolution and a good amount of frame rate. They generally use 24-inch sized monitors for their purpose.

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