A monitor is much different than a television set. It has different functionality and also a different purpose of work. The basic difference between a TV and a monitor is that a TV is used just for viewing entertainment shows, movies, and sports, while a monitor can be used to display a range of services like playing games along with all that a Television set does. 

But, the question that bothers most of us is why a Television set is cheaper than a monitor. What are the reasons for this disparity among these electrical appliances, along with many other such differences?

Why are TVs Cheaper than Monitors?

This article talks about these reasons, which are summarized in the pointers given below:

1. We know that the monitor has more complicated tasks to be performed as compared to television. This is a major reason why the manufacturing cost of television is more than that of a monitor. A monitor is the display unit of a computer system, it is essential, and also, at the same time, it is more pronounced for the display of a complicated system rather than a tv screen which has only the purpose of displaying what it gets onto itself.

2. The resolution of a monitor has a lower limit of 50Hz and an upper limit of 200Hz. While a television screen has a resolution of about 50Hz to 75Hz only. This disparity in resolution decides the picture quality and the screen quality of a monitor and a television screen. The monitors are quite small and offer various additional services to us.

3. The refresh rate of monitors is also higher than television sets. In addition to this property of the monitor, they have a much higher response rate than the television sets. Thus, this attribute can also contribute to the higher cost of a monitor than a television.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the disadvantages of using a TV as a monitor?

Television has a lower picture quality than a monitor; thus, it cannot somehow replace a monitor’s display features. However, the monitor is much more versatile than a television screen and has a high dots per inch rate, enhancing its display quality to manifolds more than a television set.

What is the difference between a computer monitor and an LED TV?

Monitors are based on LED technology, but there is a difference between a computer monitor and an LED TV. Both have output, but the monitor is much more advanced than a television screen. A television screen is confined to display only, but a monitor is used in various industrial and technical fields.


There is a lot of difference between a television set and a monitor in comparison to the refresh rate, resolution, and screen size. These differences cause differences in the cost of these two appliances.

Television is much cheaper than a monitor and also is less versatile than a monitor. A monitor is not only a display of a computer system but also is an important component of the whole setup that a desktop computer has. Thus, both these devices are important in their own way and use.

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